/Apple Watch 5 release date, price and features

Apple Watch 5 release date, price and features

We expected the Apple Watch 5 to launch on September 10 alongside the new iPhone 11, and we weren’t disappointed. Apple’s new smartwatch has been unveiled to the world, and it’s coming soon.

Honestly, we’d have been surprised if the latest Apple wearable wasn’t announced during the event, given that new versions have come out alongside new iPhones for years. The Apple Watch currently holds the title of the best selling smartwatch, and the Apple Watch 4 is the company’s most elegant device yet (sitting near the top of our best smartwatch ranking).

If you want to hear the news as it happened, here’s our liveblog of Apple’s event.

Below, we’ve put together a list of all the features coming in the new Apple Watch. 

Apple Watch 5 release date and price

Apple Watch 5

(Image credit: Apple)

  • Announced on September 10
  • Goes on sale on September 20

The Apple Watch 5 was announced during the company’s September 10 event alongside the next iPhone. It’s officially coming out on September 20, starting at $399 / AED1,599 for the GPS-only model, while the cellular model goes for $499 / AED 1,999.

The Apple Watch 5 has more case finishes in its 100% recycled aluminum: Gold, Space Black, and a gray Polished hue. You can also pick it up in Titanium, in light and dark finishes – Apple didn’t specify that this would be a pricier model, but we expect it to be. 

For the first time, and following rumors, the watch will also come in a white Ceramic finish.

There are new Nike models with additional bands, loops and faces. There are also Hermes models, with Space Black stainless steel cases and noir leather bands. Apple didn’t announce whether these models would be available in both GPS-only and cellular.

Apple Watch 4. Image Credit: TechRadar

Apple Watch 4. Image Credit: TechRadar

(Image credit: Apple)

Apple Watch 5 features 

(Image credit: Apple)

Always-on display

The Apple Watch 5’s display is always on – it just dims when you’re not using it, so time and complications (notifications) are always visible. 

It does this with new display driver, power efficiency and ambient light sensor that work together with software to deliver always-on display while not diminishing the watch’s 18-hour battery life. 

All the watch faces have been carefully tuned to the display. The workout app has also been tweaked to continuously show stats and exercise data. 

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Compass and updated Maps app

The Apple Watch 5 has improved its built-in compass, which now shows latitude, longitude, elevation and incline.

The Maps app has also been updated to show you which way you’re facing.

Image Credit: TechRadar 

Image Credit: TechRadar 

(Image credit: Apple)

Safety features and health tracking

The Apple Watch 5 has improved the safety features in the watch with fall detection, emergency SOS, and Medical ID. Emergency SOS has been improved: the cellular version can instantly call emergency services in many international countries by simply holding the crown button down in an emergency.

During the event, Apple trumpeted the health studies it’s helping with by partnering with research institutes and hospitals for heart, hearing, and women’s health (including menstrual cycles) health.

Users can partake with the upcoming Apple Research app, which is coming to Apple Watches later in the year. Data submitted can’t be accessed by Apple, a company employee assured during the September event.

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WatchOS 6

While we didn’t hear much about watchOS 6, we’re eagerly anticipating its release, which could come alongside the Apple Watch 5’s release on September 20. 

The big feature is the introduction of an App Store straight on the watch – conceivably, so you can use it without even needing a phone as a go-between. 

WatchOS 6 continues the phone-detaching trend with three new standalone watch apps that are wristbound versions of extant iPhone apps: Apple Books, Voice Memos, and Calculator.

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